Friday, 30 December 2011

15mm Forged in Battle British

A few photos of my latest project. A WW2 15mm British force for use with Blitzkrieg Commander and Flames of War.

It has to be said that the FIB miniatures are excellent. They are crisp, are require very little prep work. In fact they are considerably easier to work with than Battlefronts Infantry.

I took these pictures a few months ago, I've just purchased a 2nd platoon to paint up and I hope to add a step by step guide to the painting guide at a later date.

The FIB stuff is also excellent value. If you shop around a platoon costs about £8.50-£9. This makes them one of the cheapest sources of 15mm WW2 miniatures in metal. Unlike Battlefront however you must provide your own bases. I find Warbases to be an excellent source of bases. The are about 1/3 the price of Battlefront bases, and as they are made of MDF they don't warp.

 Here are 2 of the Mortar Teams.
And all I had painted at the time. 2 mortar Stands, 2 infantry stands and a command stand. I've since painted allot more.

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